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’57 Chevy Pickup Complete Rewire

I dropped my truck off last Monday night at EJ Wireworks. Eric was very helpful and answered all of my questions. He told me that my truck would be done by the end of the week and he delivered as promised.  All his work is very professional and so clean! He did everything I asked for and even took the extra step to clean up all the stock wiring I had on the truck. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs wiring done. He also does a lot of wiring for classic cars, hotrods, etc. Eric is a very stand-up guy, honest, knowledgeable and professional.

Larry Adams San Diego, CA September 8, 2016

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Chevy Tahoe DVD Installation

I will never trust anyone else with my car, Eric at  EJ Wireworks is the only one.  He loves the work he does and it shows, everything he works on is amazing. Keep up the great work EJ Wireworks.

Geoff & April Walters Menifee, CA September 8, 2016

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Ford F-150 Electrical Upgrade

Hi Jamie,

Please accept my apologies for not writing this sooner. The holidays got busy, I got sick, I got promoted and started a new position at work, and for a few months was being a caregiver to my mom after a fall. Needless to say, life got in the way. But, I smile and beam with pride every time I see the work that Eric did on my truck, and I kept promising myself that I would get to my computer and write this because he deserves it.

As I’m sure most of Eric’s projects are, mine was a custom concept that needed an experienced and professional installer. I knew enough to design the one-off dual/remote battery system I wanted for my 2004 Ford F150 SuperCrew, as well as select the proper components, but I also knew that I was in over my head. Years ago I used to crawl under my dashboard, pull wires through firewalls and door panels, and put together what I thought then to be a quality installation. However, the technological advancements of vehicles since then, my years as a fleet administrator for emergency vehicles, and my experiences in working closely with public safety outfitters only served to point out my limitations in achieving the end result I wanted even though I was fully capable of conceiving it.

A ten year old posting on a forum site referenced one such outfitter, with whom I was quite familiar, but also mentioned Eric as someone who could do equal or better work for those in the private sector. Several other people had commented further about Eric’s reputation, as well as their personal experiences with him, and that was enough for me to seek him out. A search led to your site, a subsequent email from me, a late-night response from Eric the same day, and then a face-to-face to talk and project walkthrough.

I was immediately impressed by Eric’s professionalism, approachability, thoughtfulness, and willingness to listen. Some customers seek out an installer without knowing what they want, what would be involved, or have an appreciation for what goes into a job. However, a few seconds into our conversation I’m sure Eric realized that I had a strong knowledge base, had fully researched and designed the project, and was seeking out a top installer for a reason. We spent time under the hood and under the truck walking through the concept details and mockups I had created, and all the while Eric asked all of the questions he should have asked to ensure we were both on the same page. Through our discussion and his learning of my intended uses, Eric suggested I use different control switches from the same manufacturer as it would provide more operational flexibility and provide for remote cutoff in the event of a catastrophic failure. I appreciated that he felt comfortable providing input on my system design choices, and it was the first of many things that established a bond and trust between us.

Prior to the installation we communicated via email – I documented all of the parts I had purchased, how I envisioned things going together, and we addressed any questions. On day one of the installation Eric did a complete walkthrough again with me, and all of the parts, and then began laying everything out and visualizing his installation plan. Once he began it was like witnessing a master craftsman at work. Actually, that was what I did witness – a master craftsman at work. Laying out the 4/0 wire, choosing the paths out of the engine compartment and along the frame to the back of the truck. Carefully measuring and marking angles before stripping the wire ends and aligning the position of the lugs to the connection points. Crimping the cables and applying heat shrink to make them weatherproof. Using looms and/or heat sleeves, as well as ensuring that appropriate fusing was in place, all to protect the wiring and eliminate any safety or performance concerns. Eric’s mobile workshop is fully equipped with all of the professional tools and supplies needed for the job, and it was comforting to watch a true professional at work.

Throughout the installation process, Eric remained very approachable and we talked through several minor installation obstacles that are bound to manifest in any custom installation. I appreciated that he valued my input and together we arrived at solutions that were the most appropriate and with which I was very happy. It was also nice to just talk with Eric about stuff not related to the project as he is simply a really nice guy and quite personable. In the end, I have to say that the finished installation not only met but surpassed my expectations. My desire was for a perfect job exactly the way I wanted it, and that’s what Eric provided. His early recommendations, and communication during the installation which kept me fully involved in the decision making process, provided for an outcome that was both what I wanted and needed. Even without any subjective aspects of the design or installation, though, the quality of the installation itself could not be improved upon. And perhaps that’s the only thing that will matter to some. But that’s not a bad thing. Some people won’t have the background or experience to know what they’re getting or what it takes to do it right, nor the ability to appreciate the same. A bad or mediocre wiring job will compromise not only performance but more importantly your safety. Those are two things I have zero concerns about, thanks to Eric.

After completion of the job and fully function testing everything I was almost sad that we were finished. Having Eric work on my truck was an experience, not just an installation from a vendor, and I told him so. I bought my truck new in 2004, having ordered it from the factory, and like every car/truck person I’ve dreamed for a long time about all of the things I wanted to do to it. I’m also very particular, and a perfectionist, and am not the type to be truly satisfied until the end result is exactly how I envisioned it. Eric not only helped me to finally establish the electrical foundation for everything else I want to add to my truck, he literally made a long-time dream come true. And now that I finally have a wiring guy, especially a fellow perfectionist who is surprisingly reasonable in price, I put him on notice that he’s now responsible for all future wiring projects on my truck. And no longer needing to worry about who will do electrical installations for me in the future is quite a comfort, indeed.

Anyone who wishes to see the quality of Eric’s work first-hand is welcome to take a look at my truck. I plan to keep her for a very long time.


Mark S. Jones San Diego, CA September 8, 2016

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Ford Ranger Prerunner Complete Rewire

Complete custom rewire on Ford Ranger PrerunnerPicked-up my Ranger pre-runner. It looks amazing.

Eric did a full chassis re-wire, and facilitated the installation of a Fiberwerx dash, which needed cab cage fab work.  All done seamlessly, painlessly, professionally, and even cosmetically pleasing.

Trailered the Ranger straight to Ocotillo Wells for playtime/shakedown. Everything worked flawlessly!!! I've always heard that debugging is needed after work of this magnitude. Not so when Eric does the work. It worked, and it worked well. Couldn't be happier. Eric did more than I asked for with the utmost attention to detail. Jamie handled all the communications, and business requests with a smile and was always eager, willing and accommodating.

Can't say enough about them. I will certainly come back for any future projects.

-- One of the best in the off road industry. What a pleasure doing business with Jamie and Eric

Phil Tapia September 7, 2016